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It ought to be remembered that using Keylogger for reading someone else`s correspondence, intercepting passwords to web pages, inboxes or obtaining any other confidential information in this way, is a crime ...

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Keylogger PS/239 $2 MB Flash Memory
Keylogger PS/243 $4 MB Flash Memory
Keylogger USB 59 $2 MB Flash Memory
Keylogger USB 62 $4 MB Flash Memory
keyloggery PS/2
Keylogger K2B3 PS/2....
Hardware Keylogger K2B3 is a small external device, plugged into PS/2 or USB keyboard socket. The function of the device is to record any key pressed each time thus creating in its internal memory copy of the text entered by the keyboard. The text recorded in keylogger`s memory is entirely readable.
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keyloggery PS/2
Keylogger USB....
Hardware Keylogger USB is a small external device on new USB ports . Reading out of data is very simple, any text editor is sufficient for that: e.g. system wordpad. After entering unique password Menu with available list of options appears. Data might be reconstructed on any computer ....
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keyloggery PS/2
New !!! Broadcasting Keylogger RadioControl.
RadioControl it`s two broadcasting devices strictly cooperating. Miniature transmitter placed insite the keyboard has to intercept digital signals from the keyboard and send them to receiver RadioControl in the form of digital and encoded. Receiver is device intercepting digital data from transmiter and decoding this data.......
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Keylogger - Actual Spy is a computer activity monitor and keylogger, that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer.
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