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It ought to be remembered that using Keylogger for reading someone else`s correspondence, intercepting passwords to web pages, inboxes or obtaining any other confidential information in this way, is a crime ......

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Keylogger & Monitoring: Logisteam Profile...

Logisteam company created in 2004 is an electronic equipment producer.
Regarding all companies operating in electronic branch Logisteam is one of those unique category of companies that focuse its range of production and projects on devices providing for protection of information and data as well as devices controlling the work done and its duration.
We deal with also sale electronic devices other firm.
We cooperate with checked partners only, for which quality and determinant are operation reliability.

Our devices may have application in offices, agencies and companies, in all places where human work has a crucial meaning.
We can divide our devices into two separate groups:

1. Devices monitoring and archivating work done with the use of computer -


Thanks to the device an employer is able to check:
Worker`s efficiency
The way computer is used by worker
Any unauthorised use of computer for worker`s own needs.

2. Devices coordinating processes of access control, assignment control, non-contact identification and worktime recording systems.
All products in our offer obtained CE sign and have all the necassary safety certificates.
We propose reliable and verified solutions for competitive price.

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