• keyboards USB



    Il keylogger SpyNet di hardware viene applicato sempre quando e’ necessario effettuare un monitoraggio delicato delle attivita’ di un utente del computer.

  • Keylogger Radiocontrol


    RadioControl it`s two broadcasting devices strictly cooperating. Miniature transmitter placed insite the keyboard has to intercept digital signals from the keyboard and send them to receiver RadioControl in the form of digital and encoded.

  • spynet USB


    The function of the device is to record any key pressed each time thus creating in its internal memory copy of the text entered by the keyboard.

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Hardware Keyloggers USB and PS/2 for PC.

Devices monitoring and archivating work done with the use of computer.

Thanks to the device an employer is able to check:
Worker`s efficiency
The way computer is used by worker
Any unauthorised use of computer for worker`s own needs.